Diagnosing Functional & Motility Disorder


Firstly, it is very important to rule out other conditions of the gut including cancers and inflammatory diseases. Investigations such as GI endoscopy (upper or lower) and imaging (ultrasound, CT, MRI) are necessary depending on the nature of the presentation.

If these are clear, then a second level of more complex investigations can take place. These can look specifically at the function of the gut and see how it is working and include physiology, impedance, acid exposure, specific tests for bacterial overgrowth, gut transit and many others.

Our patients say . . .

A quick note to say thank you for my cholecystectomy – absolutely brilliant.

South West Reflux now work in close collaboration with the Functional Gut Clinic, internationally renowned experts in this field, and who now have set up a service at Nuffield Health Exeter. This enables us to offer the entire range of complex investigations as required to understand your condition as best as possible.

If you are suffering, or think you are have a functional bowel disorder and are looking for a definitive diagnosis or wish to consider possible treatment options contact Mr Wajed today.

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