Diagnosing Hiatus Hernia


Hiatus hernia can be seen on endoscopy (though they are often over diagnosed and also sometimes missed altogether so this should test should be performed by a specialist), but the best investigation is a contrast swallow study.

This X-ray investigation usually clearly demonstrates the extent of the hernia, and how the stomach and oesophagus are being impacted by it.

Sometimes, but not always, it is useful to undertake oesophageal physiology studies as this can help with planning the surgery. A CT scan may also be performed to rule out any other conditions can cause similar symptoms.

Our patients say . . .

I just want to say a huge BIG thank you to for doing my hiatus hernia operation – I feel like a new person and am so grateful for all your care and consideration that has made such a difference for me.

If you would like to book a consultation with Consultant Upper GI Surgeon, Mr Wajed to diagnose and treat your hiatus hernia please call us today.

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