The Team


Diagnosis and management of Reflux and other Upper Gastro-Intestinal conditions can be complex, and frequently requires the support of specialists with different areas of expertise. This approach is often referred to as a multi-disciplinary approach, and ensures that everyone receives the very best care and support.

A weekly Complex Benign Oesophago-Gastric multi-disciplinary team meeting is held weekly at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital where challenging cases are discussed with a panel of experts to formulate consensus views and recommendations.

South West Reflux work in close collaboration with experts in the field, both regionally and nationally, and are part of a network of internationally renowned specialist consultants.

Our patients say . . .

I would like to congratulate you and your team who performed my gallbladder removal it has been a completely painless experience with no side effects what so ever.

Below are some of the specialists and with whom we regularly work in this region.

Pia Hughes and Alison Williams: GI Physiologists

Pia Hughes and Alison Williams are our Specialist GI Physiologists at the Exeter Oesophageal Physiology Service, based at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital Clinical Measurements Unit. They provide oesophageal physiology services for all regional hospitals throughout the South West. Investigations include high resolution manometry, impedance, ambulatory and wireless pH testing. The team work closely in conjunction with Mr Wajed who authorises most reports on behalf of referring clinicians.

Dr Tariq Ahmad: Consultant Gastroenterologist

Dr Ahmad qualified from Bristol University in 1992 and has been a Consultant in Exeter since 2007, having trained at Oxford from where he was awarded a D Phil in 2003 for research into genetics of inflammatory bowel disease, an area of study which he continues in Exeter. He specialises in complex gastro-intestinal conditions and consults from Nuffield Health Exeter Hospital.

Nick McAleer: Dietician

Nick n is a specialist Dietician at the Royal Devon and Exeter. He offers private consultations from Nuffield Health Exeter Hospital.

Claire McAleer: Speech and Voice Therapist

Clare is a specialist speech and voice therapist at the Royal Devon and Exeter and work in close conjunction with the ENT and Head & Neck teams. She offers private consultation at Nuffield Health Exeter Hospital

Specialist Radiologists

We work in close conjunction with the GI and musculo-skeletal Radiologists based at Nuffield Health Exeter.

Respiratory Physicians

We work in close collaboration with a number of Respiratory Physicians for individuals who may have chest complications of Reflux Disease.

ENT Surgeons

We work in close collaboration with a number of Specialist ENT/head and Neck Surgeons for individuals who have laryngeal and pharyngeal symptoms or possible LPR.

If you are suffering with Reflux Disease and looking for a definitive diagnosis and a range of affordable treatment options with excellent long term results contact the Mr Wajed today.

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