Treating Gallstones


It may be possible to keep symptoms of some of the milder conditions related to gallstones under control by a combination of dietary and life-style measures including adhering to a low-fat diet. In some patients, this is fine for a period, but in most cases the symptoms return and can indeed can become more severe and even require emergency hospital admission.

Gallstones do not go away on their own, and there are no drugs or other effective treatments that can remove them. Even if this were to be the case, it is important to remember that the gallbladder here is itself is a diseased organ and the only way to deal with both this and the gallstones is by surgery (laparoscopic cholecystectomy).

Our patients say . . .

A quick note to say thank you for my cholecystectomy – absolutely brilliant.


Laparoscopic cholecystectomy removes the diseased gallbladder by keyhole surgery, eliminating symptoms and the risk of further gallstone related complications. Patients are advised to enjoy a healthy balanced diet and active lifestyle after surgery and recurrent problems are very rare.

If gallstones present acutely with cholecystitis, biliary colic, pancreatitis, jaundice or cholangitis, then emergency admission to a medical centre is required. This can occur without warning, at any time, which is an important consideration if you are planning something such as travel or a major social engagement. Urgent treatment with intravenous fluids, anti-biotics, analgesic and anti-sickness medication are necessary, and in most cases the condition settles down. Patients may however need to stay in hospital for several days. In some cases, emergency interventions including surgery may be required.

If you are suffering, or think you are have gallstones and are looking for a definitive diagnosis or wish to consider possible treatment options contact Mr Wajed today.

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